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Meet Us

Norene, with a passion for nature, natural and a fit and healthy lifestyle is the one who created the first cream over 30 years ago.  

Kathryn, the business mind and innovator.  I have pursued a commercial finance and business development career and on the side have followed mum's passion, with my own love of natural, innovating and creating my own skin products.

Mum suffered from dermatitis during pregnancy and not wanting to use a steroid cream tried experimenting with natural creams.  She studied herbal remedies, got mixing and created her own cream which healed her dermatitis.  Since then she has been making her creams for family and friends.

I knew that mum's wee gems were worth sharing and so with her blessing "tila" was created. 

We want to appeal to others, who like us are conscious of what we put in our mouths and on our skin.  Each one of our little pots of goodness are made with love and care from us to you.